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III.O Driver Safety

Price: $30.00

4 Hours (Elective)


Course Description:
      The Driver Safety course is designed to provide a basic understanding of driver safety in both the on-site and patrol components of private security. Common causes of accidents are identified, as well as mitigation techniques to lower the likelihood of a person-to-car or car-to-car collision. In addition, this course examines common transportation tools on site, as well as their maintenance and care. This is a 4-hour elective course that counts towards the 40-hour training requirement for the State of California.
Learning Goals:
  • The officer will learn the differences between private operation of a motor vehicle and “on duty” use. 
  • The officer will learn how to prepare and inspect a vehicle prior to use. 
  • The officer will learn how to safely drive and exit a vehicle. 
  • The officer will learn the basics of bicycle safety including ways to prevent common bicycle accidents.
  • The officer will learn the basics of golf cart operations as well as the safety measures for replacing or recharging the battery on a golf cart.

 (ACCESS: 12 months)

III.O Driver Safety - 4 hours
$30.00 USD

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