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III.L Chemical Agents

Price: $30.00

4 Hours (Elective)


Course Description:
      The Chemical Agents course is designed to provide the learner with an intermediate understanding of the various chemical agents that can be used, if certified, by a Security Officer in the event they must protect themselves. A strong understanding of chemical agents, and their effects, is essential to making a well-informed decision as to whether or not their use is appropriate in a given situation. This course is not designed to replace the required training and certification required by the State of California to carry chemical agents; it is designed to give the security professional a deeper understanding of the tools they may employ. This is a 4-hour elective course that counts towards the 40-hour training requirement for the State of California.
Learning Goals:
  • The officer will learn the legislative intent, criminal and civil liabilities, moral principles regulating citizen possession and use of hand-held aerosol tear gas weapons; 
  • The officer will learn the chemical and mechanical properties of hand-held aerosol tear gas weapons; 
  • The officer will learn the psychological and physiological effects of tear gas on humans; 
  • The officer will learn the principles of tear gas, first aid, and decontamination procedures; 
  • The officer will learn the principles and limitations of using hand-held aerosol tear gas weapons for personal protection.

 (ACCESS: 12 months)

III.L Chemical Agents - 4 hours
$30.00 USD

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