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III.K Workplace Violence

Price: $30.00


4 Hours (Elective)


Course Description:
      The Workplace Violence course is designed to provide the learner with an advanced understanding of workplace violence. This course describes trigger events and other warning signs that Security Officer must diligently search for to prevent and/or respond to a workplace violence incident. This is a 4-hour elective course that counts towards the 40-hour training requirement for the State of California.
Learning Goals:
  • The officer will be provided with an understanding and working knowledge of the warning signs of a potentially violent person. 
  • The officer will be provided a basic understanding of the various types of violence that occurs in the workplace. 
  • The officer will be given practical skills to keep a potentially violent situation from developing. 
  • The officer will be provided information on recognizing cultural differences that will assist in defusing a problematic situation. 
  • The officer will be provided information on protecting oneself during a potentially violent situation.

 (ACCESS: 12 months)

III.K Workplace Violence - 4 hours
$30.00 USD

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