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III.E Advanced Arrest, Search & Seizure

Price: $30.00


4 Hours (Elective)


Course Description:
      The Advanced Arrest, Search and Seizure course is designed to provide an advanced understanding of the laws governing the Security Officer during a private arrest. This is an in-depth look at the various scenarios a Security Officer might encounter while executing their duties as well as case studies demonstrating the risks involved and how to conduct appropriate arrests, searches and seizures without violating the rights of the suspect. This is a 4-hour elective course that counts towards the 40-hour training requirement for the State of California.
Learning Goals:
  • The officer will understand the laws of arrest as it applies to a private person and the Federal Law, California Supreme Court and Court of Appeal decisions regarding the explanation, description and definition for use of reasonable force.
  • The officer will learn what to observe and document in situations of use of force.
  • The officer will learn the definitions of false arrest, detention, probable cause and immunity as it relates to detention and false arrest.
  • The officer will be provided with a comprehensive analysis of the Shopkeeper’s Privilege and specific examples of when to apply.
  • The officer will understand the differences between false imprisonment by a police officer or governmental entity and false imprisonment by a private person
  • The officer will be provided with the applicable Federal Law and California authority describing and defining appropriate searches for weapons including personal bags and belongings.
  • The officer will be provided with understanding the differences between search and seizure as it relates to a private person.

 (ACCESS: 12 months)

III.E Advanced Arrest, Search & Seizure - 4 hours
$30.00 USD

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