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III.B Company Policies & Orientation

Price: $30.00


4 Hours (Elective)


Course Description:
      The Company Policies and Orientation course is designed to provide a basic understanding of what to expect when entering the security industry. While every company has their own hiring procedures, there are various laws and risks that create an industry standard hiring process for most private security companies in the State of California. This course examines this process in depth. This is a 4-hour elective course that counts towards the 40-hour training requirement for the State of California.
Learning Goals:
  • The officer will be provided with an understanding of the basic company reports and paperwork that must be completed prior to starting work. 
  • The officer will be provided with an understanding and working knowledge of all reporting processes and procedures. 
  • The officer will be provided a basic understanding of the various taxes, health and other employer related forms that need to be completed.
  • The officer will be provided with their uniform issuance and have explained to them the proper wearing of the uniform and any costs associated.
  • The officer will be provided information on the manner in which their work schedule will be prepared, how they receive information and what they need to do in the event of injury or illness
III.B Company Policies & Orientation - 4 hours
$30.00 USD

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